Installations greater than 12 miles will incur a travel time fee of $65per hour to and from job site and location. Due to the nature of 'growing houses' we are not responsible for any installations if damage may occur after 3 months.

Our main focus is to provide the best service for our clients.

We value our clients .

Our own photography ~ framed by using old and new innovative ways incorporating out of the ordinary options.

Hanging to the left, We'll fix it;)

Fine art, photography, Mirrors, white boards, Curtains, Paintings, sconces, TV wall mounts etc-we'll hang it-plumb!

Professional services at a great price

Same day installs:

Bee Cave, Lakeway, all of Austin and surrounding areas.

Professional installs in a variety of locations from galleries, condos, corporations, hotels, businesses and homes.

We have a wonderful range of clients: Bailey Banks and Biddell, Flemings, Austonian, Architectural firms, Large Corporations, San Marcos Rehab Center, museums, TV personalities, sports stars, lawyers, doctors, start ups, dentists, curators, bikers, builders etc etc

One man install $70 p/h
Two man install $105 p/h
Install above 12ft $10 additional per foot
$65 minimum charge for drive time to and
from job site to base for installs more than 15 miles
$5 for additional hardware, D-Rings, J-Hooks, wire etc
$20 build on charge for cleats
Ladder Rental fees for installs above 14 feet:
$50 (24-34ft ladder)-$140 (scaffolding)

For professional wall mounts: feel free to watch this video link to give you a better idea of what you'll need and what we can do. Anyone charging more than $100 p/h for a TV/Wall mount install is pulling your leg!

To give you a better idea of TV installations please check out Dave's Video:

Annnd... one more for good measure: